Geothermal Solutions

We can use the constant temperature found just below the ground’s surface to supply your home’s heat pump with an energy source for heating or cooling.

Ductless Splits

Mitsubishi Electric split-zoning systems are specifically designed to improve the comfort level in an uncomfortably hot or cold room of an existing building.

High Efficiency Heating & Cooling

Increase your comfort and reduce your energy costs with a high efficiency heating and cooling system. We customize the system to best fit your home.

Tax Credits & Financing

Many Green Energy Solutions qualify for state and federal tax credits, and we can help you determine the right program. See the new rebates available in 2018!

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Geothermal: Real Savings & How it Works


Click to view an animated display of the geothermal process.

Customer Testimonials

Coming from a family of builders I choose to take on the task of being the GC when I built my own home. I learned very quickly which subcontractors I would never use again and the ones that I would use again and highly recommend to others. Tim is who created the second category. Tim

Ezra Knight Paxton, MA May 8, 2015